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GBP Direct, a leading office furniture supplier, marked its 25th anniversary with a vibrant Mardi Gras themed extravaganza near the heart of New Orleans. The event, held on April 17th, 2024, celebrated the company’s remarkable journey from its inception in 1999 to its current status as a nationally recognized office products supplier.

In 1999, GBP Direct emerged as a humble endeavor in Louisiana, driven by a vision to revolutionize the way businesses accessed office products. Today, GBP stands proudly as a beacon of reliability and quality in Louisiana’s business community, reflecting its unyielding dedication to core values and unwavering commitment to customers.

The anniversary celebration brought together a variety of GBP’s furniture partners who showcased their latest products, contributing to the event’s success. Attendees were treated to a spectacle of color, food, music, and excitement reminiscent of the iconic Mardi Gras festivities that define the spirit of New Orleans.

“We are thrilled to commemorate 25 years of service to our customers and the community,” said Randy Durbin, Owner/President at GBP Direct. “Our journey from a modest start in 1999 to becoming a prominent player in Louisiana’s office product supply landscape is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the support of our valued partners and customers.”

GBP Direct expressed gratitude for the successful turnout at the event, which served as a celebration of the company’s achievements and a reaffirmation of its commitment to excellence in the years ahead!