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Industries We Serve

Expertise in a Wide Range of Industries

As an experienced local supplier catering to multiple industries, GBP takes great pride in the diversity and experience we bring to the table. We understand that each industry has unique needs and preferences, and we strive to offer a wide range of options both in furniture and everyday supplies to meet those requirements. Our diverse product range encompasses various styles, materials, and finishes, ensuring that we can accommodate the distinct aesthetics and functional demands of different industries.


With extensive experience, GBP Direct excels in serving the education and higher education space. We deliver furniture and supply solutions that enhance learning environments.

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GBP Direct skillfully serves the healthcare industry, providing tailored office solutions that ensure seamless operations. Our range of office furniture enhances patient care spaces, while our premium office supplies meet the daily productivity needs of medical offices.

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We cater to the corporate sector with unparalleled expertise. Our office furniture solutions transform workspaces into productive environments and our office supplies support businesses' daily operations.

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We're honored to serve the government sector, offering customized office solutions that meet strict specifications and regulations, enhance workspace efficiency, and cater to the high-volume, demanding needs of public service operations.

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Oil & Gas

We're well-versed in the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. Our office solutions foster productivity in demanding conditions, and our office supplies are designed to withstand the rigors of this high-stakes sector.

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GBP Direct has more than twenty years of experience in the industrial industry, outfitting industrial spaces with the office furniture and office supplies they need to operate at maximum productivity.

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We bring a touch of comfort and efficiency to the hospitality industry. Our bespoke office solutions elevate hotel management spaces and ensure the smooth running of guest services, enhancing overall guest experience.

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